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I have always struggled with understanding technology, which is one of the reasons I started focusing more and more on learning about computers, printers, and networking. I started looking into different businesses that offered great lessons on technology, and I was able to enroll in a class at my local community college that taught me a lot about troubleshooting tech problems. Although I am far from an expert, I love learning about computers, which is why I made this blog. Check out this information to learn how to troubleshoot technology and make your life better. You won't regret it, but you might regret not learning more when you can.



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Uses Of Ultrasonic Sound

Ultrasonic sound is basically a complicated way of saying extremely high sound waves. However, like ultraviolet light rays, humans don't notice ultrasonic sound because it cannot be heard by humans. So using ultrasonic sound creates no noise except for some animals. Luckily, we can take advantage of ultrasonic sound waves in other ways. Check out these common uses ultrasonic sound uses.


Some animals, such as bats and dolphins are able to use ultrasonic sound naturally as sonar. The sounds bounce off objects and are sent back to the source, which helps the animal "see" what's in front of them, so they don't get hurt or can find their target.

While humans can't use ultrasonic sound naturally like dolphins, they can mimic it with electronic sonar. This is commonly used on submarines that travel around in the darkness of the ocean. The sonar is used to look for obstacles and other submarines. In the private sector, sonar is also used by fishers who use it to locate schools of fish from above the water.


Ultrasonic sound is also commonly used in the medical field, and just about every woman who has ever had a baby has experienced it as an ultrasound. Ultrasonography is used to look inside the body at internal organs the same way it is used to see obstacles in the water. While it is particularly common to view the baby during pregnancy, there are other medical uses.

An ultrasound may be used to help pinpoint many problems in your abdomen. They can spot gallstones, kidney stones, appendicitis, testicular torsion, ovarian cysts and other internal growths. It is also commonly used to look at your heart and blood vessels to check for any problems or obstructions.


Ultrasonic sound can also be used to clean. No, you wouldn't use it to clean dirty paw prints off the kitchen floor or soap scum from the tub but ultrasonic sound is excellent at cleaning glass, metals and ceramics without causing damage, particularly during production. However, if you own expensive jewelry, you may have had your jewelry professionally cleaned using an ultrasonic sound waves because they do so well at eliminating grease, oil and dirt.

Another common use for ultrasonic cleaning is to clean industrial equipment. Industrial equipment often becomes dirty from grease, but the ultrasonic sound waves easily destroy the grease. Lastly, this type of cleaning is commonly used to eliminate sludge from inside the engine of cars and planes.

Other Uses

Another common use for ultrasonic sound is welding, but it isn't used to weld metal. It's used to weld plastics. The high frequency waves vibrate the plastic, which causes heat. The heat melts the plastics enough to weld them together. This type of welding is best for smaller pieces. Larger pieces may release too much energy during the process.

Lastly, ultrasonic waves are used in ultrasonic motion detectors. For example, if you have an ultrasonic motion detector on your property, it sends out waves like sonar to bounce off and come back. The waves are measured to determine if someone or something new is on your property. This is because the waves are timed when they are returned. If a wave is returned sooner than normal, it means it hit something it didn't expect.

While humans may not have invented ultrasonic waves or be able to use them naturally, technology has given the tools needed to use ultrasonic sound to help humankind in many ways. If you would like to know more about ultrasonic sound and its uses, contact a provider in your area today and see if your business can benefit from ultrasonic sound.